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09:51 - Nov 17, 2013gainer

Closing up the trade store for a few days. I will reopen it with a slightly limited supply. I was considering closing it completely and cashing people out with credit, but instead I will be slowly cycling runes out that I will reserve for the cash store strictly. So basically, all overstock and runes that I have plenty of will still be available for trade, which is still a significant portion. Everything im low in will be moved to cash only. I dont have the time to fill trades and keep up with the trade store and I'm mostly only interested in cash. Either by way of cheap rune sales or a buyout on all my stock. I'd be willing to entertain offers of any sort and will consider the highest bidder. Otherwise, enjoy the cheap rune sale im offering.

If you see a rune cheaper anywhere else just send an email and Ill customize the price so that its lower. Also if you spend 100$ or more ill double your credit as a bonus on top of offering lowest price.

14:45 - Nov 4, 2013gainer

Will beat any stores pricing! Just send an email if we aren't already the lowest price on something. I'll be more then glad to hook you up. Also taking offers on the entire lot of store runes. Just shoot me an offer. Also accepting magic online cards for credit.

20:45 - Sep 19, 2013gainer

Per my post below, I'm going to start the bidding at 5k. This is around 200k usd worth of runes based on current pricing. I will take the highest offer above 8k. This includes full inventory of trade store, cash store and a few alt accounts. Ill even include my personal inventory which includes an extra 2x every rune in the game including all harbs/LEs etc. as well as the website along with domain name.


In addition to the bidding, I have marked down everything in the cash store. Also willing to take MTGO collections/cards for credit. If you are interested in purchasing straight credits, feel free to email me and ill give you a fat bonus along with it.

12:55 - Sep 16, 2013gainer

Considering serious offers on Portal Store inventory. Either all or a portion of it. I may even consider selling the site and domain of along with it. Just dont have much time for this anymore but will keep the store up regardless either way. Trying to raise funds for other avenues in my life. 

Feel free to email me at

I will not sell for peanuts. This is a huge amount of runes and a viable business for the person that has the time and funding to support it. Please come with a serious offer if you're interested.

18:38 - Mar 11, 2013gainer
Service has been (mostly) restored! The only hours uncovered currently are between 8pm-4am est but rest assured I still have plenty of apps to cover and will hopefully find the right candidate for the position soon. I will be conducting interviews still tomorrow.
11:48 - Mar 10, 2013gainer

Reopening recruitment for AM and PM EST store rep shifts. New hire never showed up so nothing was filled. I have to apologize for the recent service issues, but please understand that I am still very committed to clearing this matter up so we can get back to normal service asap. I will be conducting interviews monday and tuesday this coming week on the 11th. I have a stack of apps to go through which I just havent had any time to do. In the meantime, feel free to continue placing in orders for the max time settings. I will try and get to them when I can but my time has been very limited lately and I havent been at home. 

Cash store orders will be filled pretty reliably still since I have no problem keeping up with them. Covering trade store is a much bigger commitment of time. You can refer to the post below for rep applications and what I expect from it. 

14:33 - Mar 5, 2013gainer

Have a new overnight and morning rep starting 3/6/13.

Looking for a PM rep from 4pm-12pm EST, 7 days a week.

Send me an email with your app, including your game/store name, age, occupation, where you live.

12:18 - Mar 3, 2013gainer

Reopening store for a few days. Going to fill orders around my schedule but be aware that service will be slow until I hire adequate staff. Wait times will be sporatic and possibly quite long. I will also probably be closing the store from thursday night until sunday afternoon since I have literally no time on the weekends. Ill check in and fill whenever I can, but be aware that wait times may be a while. For the time being, feel free to create trades with the max trade duration. Cash orders will be dealt with much faster due to the heavy volume of the tradestore and it getting backed up. I can keep up with cash orders on my phone if im out but trades have to be filled at my computer. 

Hope to have this cleared up within the week. Have a few apps to sort through and some interviews to do as I have time. Both previous store reps seem to have gotten smacked with RL issues at once and caused a vacancy in its operation which I couldn't prevent. Thanks for understanding and sorry for the lack of service lately.

23:21 - Feb 28, 2013gainer

Closing trade store for a few days. Cash store will remain open. Taking applications for store reps. Mornings and Nights. Email applications to

I'm looking for people that can cover the store for 7 days, 8 hours a day. Preferably above 18 years old and living in the USA is a big plus. Need to have a mic or cell phone I can call for an interview. Pay is in store credit. It's a flexible position that allows you to play while you fill trades. 

08:12 - Feb 24, 2013gainer

Hiring store reps. Email me with apps.

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